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15 Questions For Brand Owners in 2015

12 Jan 2015

Happy New Year!
Go ahead and answer these 15 simple brand building questions.
If your answer ‘No’ to any of them give us a call, we’d love to share more about our work and services and how we can help.


1. Can you define your brand in 1 word?

2. Can you define your brand in 3 words and/or 3 paragraphs?

3. Do your employees have a common understanding of your brand?

4. Is your go-to-market brand portfolio optimized for how consumers buy?

5. Have you experienced the raw power of customer insights captured on video?

6. Have you done any customer focus groups in the last 12 months?

7. Have you refreshed your brand identity/logo in the last 3 years?

8. Does your company have an internal group to help handle and name new products?

9. Have you reviewed your portfolio of trademarks in the last 12 months to see if there’s any you’re not using?

10. Do you know your brand ‘tone of voice’? Is there a book of guidelines on your brand’s tone of voice?

11. Have you refreshed your tagline in the last 24 months?

12. Have you reviewed the USPTO trademarks database to learn what brand names your competitors have registered to compete with yours?

13. Have you updated your website in the last 3 years?

14. Do you know your brand’s soclal media strategy?

15. Have you ever created a ‘brand wheel’ – a comprehensive map of every single customer touchpoint to assess how the brand should ‘touch’ the customer at each point?

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