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Any Color You’d Like…

18 Jul 2014

…as long as its black.

I was reminded of Henry Ford’s famous quote about his Model T car in the 1920s this week when Air New Zealand took delivery of it’s striking black colored DreamLiner.



For eons, plane colors have been remarkably, well, forgive the pun, a bit ‘plain’.  Lots of neutral colors, especially white.

Even AA after years of having their straight-from-the factory floor non painted silver have adopted a shimmering silvery white look to match their bold new corporate identity.

Presumably black colored planes (like black cars) get hotter than white ones especially if they’ve sat on the tarmac at Miami airport for a few hours.

But for now let’s celebrate color innovation and a great way to underscore brand color and get some cheap PR.

Seems, black is the new black.

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