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Brand As A Source Of Light

19 Feb 2014

Marketers often talk about “projecting” a brand image much like a source of light projected to the outside world.

Companies would like the light to be pin-point sharp and laser-focused
so the outside world sees a clearly defined and credible image.

This would be easy if we lived in a simplified world. If, for example,
advertising were the only point of contact with audiences we could
quite easily focus the brand through the advertising “lens” and communicate one brand and one vision.

But the reality is that many different touchpoints exist, such as sales presentations, employee communications, recruitment, tradeshows, social media and brochures. All are key points of contact that contribute to how people perceive and understand the brand.

Without a common understanding of what the brand stands for at each of these points of contact across each area of the company, the image projected to the outside world will become fragmented, ill-defined and ultimately, lack credibility.

By ensuring that all of our people embrace the brand and what it stands for, firms can focus the lens at each point of contact.

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