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Breaking Brands

28 Sep 2013

With Sunday’s impending series finale of the AMC show Breaking Bad, it got me thinking about the conventional notion that all things eventually must come to an end.

Yet, when it comes to brands, if they’re managed properly and refreshed periodically (to keep the story fresh), brands can endure forever.

Will we still be drinking Coke in another 100 years? Searching for info on Google? Keeping money in a Chase bank account? Wearing Apple technology?

It’s entirely possible.

Brands, like Walter White have the power to transform – especially if built around a single idea. Especially one that disrupts the market and ‘changes the game’.

Walt’s idea was high-quality blue meth.

Walter White even created a spin-off brand – Heisenberg – for his drug kingpin persona (and to differentiate from milquetoast family man, Walter White).

So, ask yourself – what’s the one thing your brand stands for?



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