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Caffeine Fix

26 Nov 2012

Starbucks recently launched ‘Verismo’ an in-home ‘pod’ coffee machine.

It’s a defensive strategy designed to compete against brands like Nespresso, Illy, Keurig and others who dominate the market for pod-based coffee machines.

Problem is, the Verismo name isn’t that great.

As far as names go it’s hardly a jolt to the system, is it?

Here’s my issue: Verismo is too pretentious for it’s own good.  Verismo is literally ‘a genre of opera from the 19th century’ not that anyone would know that unless you were a serious opera geek or curious enough to Google ‘Verismo definition’ as I was.

I just can’t see people saying, ‘Can you make me a Verismo?’ – it just sounds silly.

Here’s the real acid test.  Imagine someone came over to your apt and saw the new machine parked on the kitchen countertop.  Admit it – they’re more likely to say “Oh, you’ve got the new Starbucks coffee machine” rather than say Veris…whatever-it-is.

Nespresso by contrast is a genius name.  It references the maker (Nestle) while redefining the notion of espresso almost to the point of owning the category.

Starbucks…may we please name your next coffee maker?


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