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Customer Intimacy

9 Dec 2013

Coldplay Live 2012 is not your usual live DVD concert.  Live songs are interspersed with close-ups of fans, introspective commentary from the band on tour, Chris Martin (Coldplay’s lead singer) acknowledging the importance of making eye contact with the audience, and behind-the-scenes, verite-style backstage footage (cameras following the band back to their hotel rooms after the concert…seemingly with no groupies in sight).

What’s remarkable about this concert film is Coldplay’s desire to deflect attention from themselves create intimacy with its fans and connect on a personal level which seems paradoxical as the band has gotten bigger, more global and more detached from its fans due to playing massive outdoor concert arenas.

Brands can learn a lot from this.

Sure, social media like Twitter and Facebook allow a platform for connectivity but it lacks depth and a reality that prevents more intimate connections with a brand.

That’s where video and film can be revealing and enlightening.

More than ever, consumers want to be an integrated part of the brand experience to see more of what happens behind the scenes before they see a finished product.

Talk shows let you see who’s in the green room, breakfast TV shows are more immersive by letting you see the cameras, the studio set and producers who are part of the delivery mechanism for their ‘product’.

Porsche has been sharing some videos of its testing process for its newest SUV the ‘Macan’ online even before the car was officially “unveiled” at the LA Auto Show.

Royal Carribean is giving audiences a peak behind the scenes as it shares video from meetings and creative worksessions with its new innovative experiences for its newest Ship, Quantum Of the Seas.  So called ‘Quantum Experience Advisors’, such as HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder, share how she is thinking about and creating new rooms and suites on board the new ship. Former NFL player Dhani Jones is helping Royal to create better sports and activities on board espcially on its multi use sports venue SeaPlex (named by WANT).

How does your brand meaningfully connect with consumers?How intimate are you with them?

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