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Decision-Making Rights vs. Information Rights

4 Mar 2014

The new company is ready, that new innovation you’ve tested is waiting for launch, that revolutionary new service is primed for its first customer.

Now, what are you going to call that new company, product or service?

Before you crack open the thesaurus or jot some names down on a cocktail napkin, consider this: who really needs to be involved in naming?

Ask yourself honestly, who has “decision-making rights” vs. “information rights” on the name?”

This is a really critical question. After all, at first blush, naming is supposed to be the easy & fun part, right?

A chance for one and all to gather around the conference table to create ideas, have some laughs, evaluate names and then pick a winner.

Except it’s not.

Many naming projects fail because too many people are involved and too often, folks who don’t need to be involved.

In 2013 we named two new cruise ships for Royal Carribean – Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.
We succeeded in part because we had a very senior, streamlined group of about 1/2 dozen decision makers.
Out of 60,000 total employees at Royal Caribbean, just 6 people decided on the names.

As David Ogilvy once said: “committees can criticize, but they cannot create.”

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