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Deconstructing The Icon

19 Sep 2012

The film director Chris Nolan was interviewed in August’s Rolling Stone magazine about the new batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.
In the article, he talked about the Catwoman character and how it was important to ‘deconstruct the (catwoman) icon’ – make her less trite, cliched and a better fit with other characters in the story.
In fact, the name ‘Catwoman’ is not even mentioned in the movie nor do we ever see Anne Hathaway me-owwing or prancing around in some faux Halloween cat costume.

I thought about Nolan’s ‘deconstructing the icon’ comment again this week while visiting London to catch some of the Olympics. That’s because the London 2012 Olympic logo design is truly an icon that’s been deconstructed.

Subjectively, I still hate the logo and have since Wolff Olins first created it several years ago. The design just feels like an aberration – out of touch with the spirit of the Olympics and the harmony of the five rings.

Objectively, I do respect the design since it’s a strong fit with the brand idea ‘Inspire a generation’ which is squarely designed to target youth and stimulate young people to take up sports and aspire to be the best in their field.

Above all, the design is bold, unique and different. It’s rule breaking at it’s finest.


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