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Descriptive Invented Names

27 Aug 2014

Name categorization is usually a relatively straightforward process and most brand names can be easily bucketized into one of about 7 different name types.

For instance, IBM is clearly ‘acronymic’, Discover is obviously ‘real word suggestive’, Viagra is ‘invented’, Visa is ‘associative’ and Analog Devices is ‘descriptive’.

But, some brand names defy convention and often bridge multiple categories.
Take Men’s Wearhouse for instance…


Instead of spelling ‘Warehouse’ the correct way, the front part of the word has been modified to link back to the first word to underscore the idea of a ‘Menswear house’ or ‘home for men’s apparel’.  The result is a name that’s more unique and ownable/trademarkable (since purely descriptive names can’t be owned).


Similarly, Toys R Us have eschewed the more descriptive form ‘Toys Are Us’ by converting the ‘Are’ to one letter ‘R’.  This name is further strengthened with a distinctive logo that reverses the letter ‘R’.

Conventional thinking always assumes that shorter names are better,  however these longer, unique names are not only protectable and trademarkable, they are also highly communicative and memorable too.

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