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19 Nov 2013

Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted, one moment
Would you capture it?
Or just let it slip, yo — Eminem – Lose Yourself

Detroit is back…sort of – well at least it’s trying from a branding standpoint.

Eminem has a new record out.

Detroit as a word itself has ‘Do It’ within it.

First Chrysler created the ad campaign with ‘imported from Detroit’ ┬ánow there’s Shinola, a former dead shoe polish brand that’s been resurrected as a trendy watch store brand.

Even for folks who’ve never been to Detroit, the brand has some very strong and unique qualities like ruggedness and authenticity (without pretention).

If Detroit can sell watches and take business away from Switzerland, who knows what other products could emanate from this singular American city.

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