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Fly Beyond

22 Nov 2013

Since single handedly creating the Ultra Premium vodka segment in the early aughts, Grey Goose has been surprisingly silent in terms of advertising over the past few years.

In some respects, it didn’t need to do any advertising.

That’s because the brand had so much clout, prestige and strong bar call across a wide variety of drinkers. ┬áIt was a clear #1.

Now, with a new multi-million dollar campaign, Grey Goose is seizing the high ground – literally – with a new campaign ‘Fly Beyond’

The tagline is clever and memorable and initially makes the user think it’s probably an ad for business class service on an airline.

The tagline accentuates flying grey geese while clearly depositioning ‘fly beyond’ all other vodkas.

Distinctive, memorable and aspirational – this is a campaign that clearly underscores the brands heritage while displaying it’s continued ambitons to own the ultra-premium vodka category.


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