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GoalRef vs. Hawkeye

20 Jun 2012

FIFA (soccer’s world governing body) is currently testing two potential goal-line technologies designed to help referees determine when the ball has crossed the line and verify if a goal has been scored.

While there’s probably not much between the two technologies, there’s a world of difference in their respective names.

And, I have a very clear image of which name I like best.

Hawkeye is a bold, memorable, name that conjures images of a a bird of prey intently watching the goal line and no doubt ready to pull the eyeballs out of Chelsea’s John Terry when he’s convinced himself he cleared the ball before its crossed the line.

While GoalRef is descriptive, it feels just plain dull.

To put things another way – in soccer parlance – the name Hawkeye is analogous to a Messi-like run from midway in the opponents half, taking on 3 defenders and then hitting unstoppable shot into the top corner. GoalRef on the other hand is like a goalmouth tap-in from some lumbering centre forward like Peter Crouch.

So FIFA, please select Hawkeye. Or, if GoalRef is honestly a better technology, give me a call and we’ll find a name that’s a worthy substitute.

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