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Hospitality, Normalcy & Performance

6 Jan 2014


Watching Apple’s terrific holiday ad this week [YouTube] got me thinking about one of the most enduring themes brand owners employ to create difference, appeal and desire.  I’m talking about hospitality – the notion that brands create a sort of glue to bring people together and celebrate life.  Coke has used this approach for years, as have beer brands.

Contrast this with Rx brands. Advertising for Rx brands focuses on the theme of ‘normalcy’ – whether the ailment is heart disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, ads and branding focuses on sufferers who are seen smiling, laughing with friends, enjoying moments with friends and family.

On the b2b side, the use of emotion is far less prevalent. Fact-based messaging – usually around improved business performance – is more common.  That’s because businesses have always felt the need to focus more on facts and the rational side of marketing to create difference and make their brands appealing to other businesses.

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