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Hotel Naming

23 Oct 2013

We’ve done our fair share of hotel naming over the years:
The Cosmopolitan, MGM Resorts, Aria Resort, Downtown Grand, The Bellagio (naming strategy) just to name a few (pun intended).

What’s interesting about these projects is that the while the name is important, there’s a number of other surrounding elements that need to be considered in the name equation (see chart below–for location, we’ve used Key West, FL for this example).


There aren’t any hard and firm rules about when to turn on or off these additional nomenclature elements.
A lot depends on the length of the name, how other hotels in an area define themselves and the overall cadence of the name.

However, these surrounding naming elements really only matter in formal touchpoints: on a signplate, on a business card, on a bill at checkout.

After all, when you’re in a cab you’re likely just going to use the single word name “Cabbie, take me to ________ “

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