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Importance of Tone in a Brand Name

15 Jul 2013

In naming there’s always a lot of importance on the ‘what’. i.e. on what we want a name to say – often, key benefits like ‘great taste’ in the case of food or ‘trust’ in the case of financial advisory or ‘effectiveness’ when it comes to Rx drugs.

But what’s often overlooked is the ‘how’ – how the name is said or the tone of the name.

Take prescription drugs, names like Effexor or Nexium use strong consonants to subtly convey that the compound will really work and bring relief.  By contrast, names like Allegra and Yaz are softer – arguably a bit more feminine in tone – and convey effectiveness more in terms of tolerability.

So, the question is this: WHAT do you want your brand name to say? and HOW do you want to say it?

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