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Introducing “Visual Positioning”

3 Dec 2013

We’ve written before about the value of brand positioning – a concise verbal articulation of the brand.
Brand positioning is an essential foundation for new brand creation or brand evolution since everything the brand does should be a reflection of it.

When it comes to visual identity, we’ve created a new, powerful tool we call ‘visual positioning’.

Put simply, it’s a way to create strategic visual focus to guide the logo/visual identity development.

Here’s how it works…

Following briefing meetings, fact finding, interviews and worksessions, we’ll create 3-5 different visual positionings.

Below, you’ll see 3 visual positioning examples for a Euthymics – a leading, Boston-based biosciences company.


Ultimately, in this example, Option 2 was agreed upon which then provided focus and guidance to create not only the corporate logo but all the firm’s visual branding elements such as business card and website (see below).



Without visual positioning, logo design can be an extraordinarily subjective exercise (even worse than naming).
But with it, clarity, focus and a more streamlined logo design process can be achieved.

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