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Name of the Week: Knee Defender

5 Sep 2014

In truth, this post is a week too late but the story lingers on.

In case your newsfeed has been focused on ISIS, iCloud celebrity photo stealing, or Joan Rivers, I’ll fill you in…

On Aug 24, two passengers caused on uproar on a United Airlines flight to Denver when one of them – James Beach – used the “Knee Defender,” a device that attaches to a person’s tray table and stops the person in front of them from reclining their seat. Both Beach and the woman he got in a confrontation with were escorted off the plane after it was diverted to a nearby airport.

The name ‘Knee Defender’ is a descriptive name that focuses on a functional benefit of the device.  Yes, it ‘defends the knees’ but the ultimate benefit is legroom preservation and thereby increased comfort (and discomfort on the unwitting passenger in front).

There’s something aggressive in the tone of the name too which is probably accurate since this is device is designed to be used in a surreptitious fashion.

Is the mere act of normally reclining ones chair an act of ‘attack’ on the person behind that it requires such an extreme ‘defensive’ tactic?

Clearly United Airlines thinks not, and has banned the Knee Defender on all flights.


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