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Movie Studio As Brand: Hunger Games

26 Nov 2013

On Friday morning’s CNBC ‘Squawk on the Street,’ it was noted that Lionsgate’s “brand” would benefit from the new release of the latest ‘Hunger Games’ movie.

With global box office scheduled to be in the $500M range, there’s no doubt the Lionsgate “brand” will accrue value.

However, the notion that moviegoers will embrace other movies by Lionsgate due to a halo effect is just wrong.  Moviegoers have no loyalty to a studio with three exceptions: Disney and (now defunct) Miramax (and to a lesser extent, Pixar).

That’s because both Disney and Miramax have clearly defined brands, Lionsgate doesn’t.

Disney stands for fun family entertainment, whereas Miramax’s brand stood for quality, curated ‘independent’ movies often with Oscar caliber performances.

While Hunger Games ‘Catching Fire’ will do as it’s name suggests at the box office, the same can’t be said for Lionsgate.



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