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Name As Shorthand For Positioning

8 Jan 2014

Names not only serve to identify a product or company, they can embody the brand’s positioning (how the brand wants to be known).

We worked on Cingular back in the late 90s which was derived from the notion of “Single point of contact + cellular technology”

Several years ago, we created the name Cengage for an education company that was at the “center of engagement (in the learning process)”

Now, there is Genpact. The firm’s tagline “Generating Impact” reinforces the name and the ‘Gen’ and ‘Pact’ suffixes are used as part of campaign slogans for maximum impact.

And while it’s not essential for a name to be a shorthand form of its positioning, there are times when it can be an effective strategy helping to underscore a brand’s positioning and value proposition.

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