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Name Change Game Change

13 Jun 2013

Back in November of last year I wrote a blog (this one) lauding MedAssurant’s full page ad in the Economist clarifying the meaning and derivation of its new name.

Now, ING US, or should I say ‘Voya’ have outdone them.

Click on the website and there’s a terrific summary of the why, how ,what and when regarding the name change.

For me, this is an unprecedented offensive – I’ve never seen a client actually document the number of names they reviewed, the quantity of testing performed etc.).

The result? a brillient effort designed to help educate and inform while immediately punching out negative Nancys and naysayers.

As for the name Voya itself, It’s short, bold, distinctive and memorable.  It feels a little ‘Latin’ derived especially for a US firm but that’s probably more nit-picky than anything else.  What I particularly like is use of language around headline which helps to reinforce and clarify the derivation of the name: “ING US is on a path to become Voya”

Brand owners and name changers take note.


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