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Name Development – Rarely On The Front Foot

5 Aug 2013

In the life-cycle of brand development, Naming always finds itself in a precarious, middleground.

Once a new product has been created by a client – either through an inventive innovation process or simply in response to a customer need – there is then an immediate need to create a name.

After all, if you you can’t call your new widget something, you can’t design a logo for it, produce packaging, create an ad campaign or design a PR effort or social media srategy.

When clients get around to calling us, in most cases, they already need the name…yesterday.
Clients may have failed to create names ideas they like, be locked in a stalemate, unable to reach a decision on a final name candidate or have encountered legal conflicts.

24 years into my naming career, it still boggles the mind that most clients don’t take naming seriously or plan ahead for it.
As a result they’re always on the back foot – scrambling to find a naming agency to create a name quickly so they move on and complete the remaining stages of brand development.

So how do clients stay on the front foot?  That’s easy, it’s about planning and anticipating your naming needs and having a partner like us ready and available to assist you.

We’re currently working with a leading firm in the travel and hospitality sector. They’ve anticipated they’ll have 20 new things  that will need a name per year.  Accordingly, we’ve structured a retainer so that we can plan ahead, develop names in a timely fashion yet give ourselves enough time to create quality ideas (and to complete the legal due diligence).

As part of our work, we can ‘bank’ name ideas too – this way if new widget comes along that needs a name, we might have a name in our vaults we can use.

Since your firm does rigorous strategic planning for your business and your brand…why not elininate some stress and plan what names you’ll need?

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