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Name Of The Week: Chillow

12 Apr 2013

Among the many oddball and funny facts about Dos Equis’ most interesting man in the world is the fact that he “has a pillow that stays cool on both sides”

For those of us a little less interesting there’s now the “Chillow”.

A pillow that stays cool and comfortable and promises “NO MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS”.
I don’t know how the cooling effects can drown out the sound of crying babies, police sirens or 4am garbage truck removals.

Chillow uses water cooling technology, needs no batters and is made of a non-toxic, latex free material.

Whether or not the product works or not, you have to credit the owners with a rather catchy name – it’s short, memorable and potentially category defining.

Although, when it comes to other “as seen on TV” products, I think the Snuggie name might be more memorable.


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