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Name Of The Week: Cronut

26 Jul 2013

Of course it would take a Parisien chef – Dominque Ansel – living in NY to create the ‘Cronut’ – as the name suggests, a delectable combination of 1/2 croissant and 1/2 donut.

So far, the Cronut is only available in one flavor each month. When launched in May, the flavor was Rose Vanilla, in June it was Lemon Maple and this month, the Blackberry flavored Cronut was introduced.

As a unique, invented name the Cronut is eligble for trademarking and the ever astute Chef Ansel did indeed file an intent to use application on the name on May 19 of this year.

But, aside from being a very unique and strong trademark, evidently Cronuts are pretty darned good too.

The trouble is, the bakery only makes 200 to 250 cronuts a day. To purchase the $5 cronuts, customers “…are encouraged to line up two hours prior to the bakery’s usual opening time of 8 a.m.”
They are warned that they will only be allowed to purchase two cronuts per person, and they are asked not to do business with cronut scalpers.” Reportedly, some customers in a rush have ponied up $30 for the cronuts.

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