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Name of the Week: Healthalicious

2 May 2014

It’s been a bad week for Rep Michael Grimm (R-NY).
The Staten Island Republican was arrested Monday morning and pleaded not guilty to a 20-count federal indictment. He was released on $400,000 bail.

What has this got to do with branding? Well, you see, Grimm once was an investor in an Upper East Side health food restaurant that has been accused in the lawsuit of cheating its workers and fined by the state for failing to carry workers’ compensation.

The name of Grimm’s food establishment… Healthalicious.

I’m sure there was some ‘healthy debate’ about which vowel to use to join the two parts of the name: “Should it be healthAlicious or healthIlicious or healthYlicious”

We don’t know what’s worse, the clunky, hard to say and spell 4 syllable name or it’s hackneyed tagline “better than delicious”.

For a great synopsis of the Grimm affair, check out this brilliant segment from Wednesday’s “The Jon Stewart Show”


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