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Name Of The Week: IdeaCentre Horizon Multimode Table PC (Lenovo)

14 Jun 2013

Clients – especially large ones – have a lot of problems picking names for products. Layers of decision-makers, legal challenges and ensuring worldwide cultural acceptance are just some of the issues.

We can only assume these issues were exacerbated when Lenovo decided to name it’s fancy new computer device.

That’s because the new computer has four (count ’em) names…five if you include the Lenovo name itself:
IdeaCentre Horizon Multimode Table PC

We’re not sure if Lenovo wanted the name Horizon so much that they had to ‘hide’ it sandwiching it in between other verbiage, or if the marketing team couldn’t decide on one name.

Either way, it’s just long and clumsy.

Once upon a time, Lenovo was called Legend but to secure a more ownable, global name they created Lenovo – a short, simple and easy to say name.

Lenovo, as you look out at your new product ‘horizon’, think more about naming.  You can do much better than this.



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