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Name of the Week: Volcano Yellow

12 Oct 2013


With car marketing, hype is an essential part of the brand mix.
This column has previously discussed Acura’s novel, LED “Jewel-Eye” headlights.

Now, color seems to the next territory.

Once upon a time Henry Ford made cars in any color you like, so long as you wanted black.

While black is still a hot color, there’s never been a bigger array of color choices.
McLaren showing off its latest production car – the raucous 12C spider – in Volcano Yellow paint.
Unless I’m color blind I never really took Volcanos for a yellow color.

And if the name doesn’t grab your attention maybe the price will. This paint job will cost an extra $5,400 on top of the car’s base price of $268,250.

Now, that’s hot.



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