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Name Of The Week: Beats Pill

30 Aug 2013

Here in the office, we have endless debates about where names fit in terms of ‘type‘.

Certain names are easy to segment: IBM is an acronymic name, Viagra is a made up (largely) abstract name.

One name that’s often a headscratcher is ‘Sprint’.  Is it an associative name because it evokes images of a ‘sprint’ race?, or is it suggestive because it evokes speed, i.e. how fast the network is?
In this case we think its the former.

A similar condundrum emerged this week when Beats launched it’s new ‘Pill’ portable speaker.  Is the name suggestive since it’s desgin/form clearly evokes a ‘pill’ shape’, or is it associative conveying imagery of a ‘remedy’, effectiveness, addiction (?)

Truth is, it’s a little bit suggestive and a little bit associative.  Whatever, it’s a catchy moniker defintely stands out in a sea of speaker sameness.


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