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Naming – A 50/50 Collaboration

16 Jul 2014

Once a client has made a decision to hire a naming agency, there is often a misconception that clients can now sit back and wait to be wowed with a bunch of creative name ideas.

Well, that’s only partly true.

Look, it’s a fair expectation from the clients side that once the ‘experts’ have been hired to expect creative, strategic and legally-available names to be presented and shared, but that’s only part of the game.

There is a shared responsibility on both sides.

The Naming agency’s job is to…

1. Create strong, appropriate names
2. Moderate the process
3. Manage expectations and enlighten the client about the TM obstacles and challenges
4. Exhibit leadership and share its decades of naming experience and present its final recommendations

The client’s job is to to be…

1. Curious
2. Constructive (& objective)
3. Collaborative
4. Consensus-driven

Once this is understood, the outcome will not only be better but more expedited too.

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