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Not A Laughing Matter

29 Aug 2014


In the world of branding, Naming is often seen as the fun, creative, playful part of it.

It’s that time when we can let your hair down, lean back in your chairs, be a bit less “strategic” and think “outside the box”.
The bit where you can leave your desk, go sit in the comfy chairs, order in some pizza, switch off the left side of your brain and brainstorm!

It’s that time when you can munch on a few M&Ms for a little bit of inspiration. And, you know, laugh a bit with your colleagues about some of the crazy, silly ideas you might come up with.

Except it’s not. And Naming is not like that.

Naming is not about whiteboarding a few ideas.

Naming is a serious business with many challenges and obstacles to navigate.

You need to be organized.

You need to be disciplined.

You need to be strategic.

And, you need to manage and control the process.

You want Naming to be the fun part? get serious about it. Treat it like any other internal project and get knowledgeable about the right and wrong ways to run a naming project.

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