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Security vs. Trust

22 Oct 2014

While on the road this week in San Francisco, I met up with an old friend who works at a Silicon Valley startup focused on cloud based storage for the enterprise segment.

Prior to joining his current firm he was Chief Security Officer at a major internet firm.
While he’s still technically a CSO, or “C-Soh” as they say in the biz, in his current role his title is Chief Trust Officer.

One small word change–one big world of difference.

While Security sounds strong and authoritative, it’s a functional word that’s only a means to an end.

Trust by contrast is the end benefit of security.  Plus, it’s customer focused, modern and less old fashioned.

Business titles should be somewhat functional but there should be always be room to be creative.

Titles can arouse interest and curiosity. An attendee at TED wrote the title ‘Expert Generalist’ on his attendee badge.
He said he got more compliments and questions and positive remarks than he’d ever imagined.

So, don’t just accept your title or adopt the accepted industry standard verbiage, get creative and think about what your title could be.

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