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Some Of This Actually Happened

3 Jan 2014

According to Wikipedia, there were 211 movies made before the year 2000 that were based on actual events.  Since 2000, there have been 221 movies created around true stories.

Whether at the start of the movie, in a preview, or a promotional poster movie, marketers know that movies based on true stories have a realness and an integrity that surpasses work of pure fiction.

The language usually spoken is “Based on a true story”.

When writers have taken a little more creative license, often softer language is used such as “Inspired by actual events” or words to that effect.

On this note, it was interesting to watch “American Hustle” last night and notice that the movie begins with a black screen and the supertitle “Some of this actually happened”.

This unique language immediately draws in the user, creates a sense of anticipation and is a great way of not just beginning a movie but introducing a story.

Above all, ‘Some of this actually happened’ avoids the language of the category to create difference and rise above the din of other true stories.


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