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Taking The Last Dollar Off The Table

24 Jul 2013

In negotiation strategy, there’s a commonly held dictum that you “never take the last dollar off the table”.

In other words don’t get greedy.

If two parties have agreed on the sale of a car, for instance, the buyer doesn’t turn around and say, ‘great, and can you replace the tires too and then we’ve got a deal’.

This kind of behavior can irk a seller to the point where he/she might walk away from the entire sale.

Brands can learn a lot about the principle of not taking the last dollar off the table.

– Disney charging for parking at its theme parks?
– Restaurants that agressively push bottles of overpriced sparkling or flat water (while others surprise and delight by giving water away for free)?
– Airlines that insist on fleecing passengers for change fees, bags and other services and amenities?
– Banks that charge for every debit transaction?

I once went to an Apple store to ask if they had a plug connector for my iPhone.  One of the staff asked a colleague if they had any in stock.  “No, but check the surprise and delight drawer,” came the reply.  The assistant reached into the drawer and handed me the exact plug I was looking for and said “Have a nice day”.

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