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Taking The Pledge

24 Feb 2014

Naming projects require a pledge from both sides.

A commitment from us, the agency, but also, a commitment from you, the client.

The agency’s job is to…

1. Create strong, appropriate, memorable names (against an agreed upon strategic brief)
2. Moderate the process
3. Exhibit leadership and share two decades of naming experience to help get to the answer

The clients job is to to be…

1. Curious – to get more acquainted with the process of naming, to understand the different types of names and the pros and cons of each and be aware of the pitfalls and challenges of naming, including legal / trademark searches
2. Constructive – to provide useful, instructive and objective feedback to guide us towards a final name
3. Collaborative – to work together with the agency to get to a final name
4. Consensus-driven – find ways to be colleagues together, to find common ground so that we can reach agreement on a final name selection

Think of it as the 4Cs.

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