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The Comfort Paradox

23 Jul 2014

As this blog has written about on many occasions, there are a multitude of challenges in naming projects.

One of the biggest is a client’s ability to find ‘comfort’ in a name choice or selection.

From the agency’s perspective, ‘comfort’ is a constant – that’s because we respect the process, the journey and direction in the knowledge that strategically and collaboratvely, we will get to the answer (i.e. the final name). We have the benefit of experience and, arguably, perhaps a more objective frame of mind since we have less of a personal connection to the product/service/company or offering.

Paradoxically, clients are more inclined to discomfort throughtout all stages of the naming process. Constantly evaluating and re-evaluating name ideas, second guessing, probing friends and colleagues for feedback and insight, always wondering if there’s a better name out there and if more generation will help them find a eureka moment.

For many, some discomfort even remains even upon a team’s final name selection.

It is only AFTER the selection of a name, when the name starts to become a brand – brought to life with a logo, in context – say, on a business card or packaging, that the discomfort ebbs away.

Later, after an elapsed time, following launch, it’s amazing to hear clients elicit a common refrain. All that discomfort, hand-wringing gets forgotten and there is almost a universal acclaim from team members – even those that only had a peripheral role in it’s creation.

“____ …yeah, I named that “

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