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The Future Of Naming

27 Oct 2014

With such a grandiose blog title, you might expect a long ponderous missive or even a book, as I look longingly into a crystal ball for deep, profound answers.

Yet, the future is very clear, very simple and is here today.

Simply open up a magazine or watch TV (especially the early evening news) and just wait for all the Rx advertising.

Rx names have always been ahead of the curve simply because these types of brands require greater differentiation than other types of brand names.  The FDA and EMEA (European regulatory authorities) go to great lengths to mandate brand names that are uniquely different and pose little (or minimal) risk in terms of confusion or misprescription with other drugs.

As a result, the names appear – prima facie – as contrived, wacky and weird.  In most cases they pose little meaning or association back to the drug, how it works or what it does.

Take a look at some of the recent FDA Rx approvals


The common thread here is that these ideas are what I would call ‘complex coined’ names.
In the past, drug names were simple coined ideas.  Names like Augmentin (implying ‘augment’) or Nexium (next generation/new millennium), or Prozac (Professional/Exact) were the norm.  But with so many new drugs, ‘simple coined’ does not create enough differentiation or cut through the clutter as you search global TM databases.

In every business category, the rate of innovation and new product development is creating greater demand for brand names that are unique, different and ownable.  Simple coined names will not create the necessary differentiation to pass trademark hurdles.

Accordingly, I expect to see more complex coined names just like Rx drugs.

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