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The Power of Being Counterintuitive

4 Nov 2013

Human beings tend to be rational–they stick with the tried and true, and tend to be discomforted by pushing the envelope.

Yet, some brands, in a desire to stand, out exhibit the balls to do something different.

Jonathan Antin, the Beverly Hills hairstylist and TV personality created ‘Dirt’ as the brand name for his texturizing hair product.  For fashionable women to put ‘dirt’ in their hair, it makes no sense at all.  That’s precisely the opposite of what they’ve traditionally tried to achieve.

Several years ago, there was a wireless start up firm called Danger Inc.  This Palo Alto firm created the technology behind T-Mobile’s Sidekick phone.

Danger was bought by Microsoft in 2008.  What I loved about it was the name is about as counter-intuitive as you can possibly get.  Who would want to buy anything from Danger, who would want to work at Danger?  It was all in the nuancing of the word and their brilliant tagline which alluded to the wireless category in which they worked: Danger, Inc. – Get Away With It.



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