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The World’s Your Oyster

3 Sep 2014

The car industry has always been a trove of insights around Naming, and BMW’s foray into electric car industry caught my eye this week.

The new BMW i3 as it’s called isn’t a particularly groundbreaking idea.  After all, BMW has always opted for an alphanumeric approach.

What’s different is the way BMW is selling its options.

Rather than simply offering an a la carte laundry list of add-one like wheels, garage door openers and leather seats, BMW has bundled together families of options and created a novel and intuitive good/better/best approach, while giving a neat tip o’ the hat to the domain of technology and computer science.

Good: MegaWorld
Better: GigaWorld
Best: TeraWorld

By giving consumers 3 main choices (versus 43 a la carte options… ok maybe I’m exaggerating), BMW isn’t just changing the way you drive, it’s changing the way you buy a car.


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