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Virtual Reality

10 Sep 2014

With only about 250,000 words in the English dictionary, it’s no surprise that companies try to ‘invent’ new names. In addition, these made up ideas have a greater chance of being legally viable once a firm begins the arduous task of finding free and available names in government trademark databases.

Having helped to create names like Cingular, we at WANT Branding are no strangers to what we call ‘close-to-real’ names.  Some examples include:

Cingular, Flickr and GoGurt

The beauty of these ideas is these names are easy to read, say and understand while being unique and different. And, while a word like ‘yoghurt’ can’t be trademarked since it’s descriptive, a name like ‘Gogurt’ can be owned and registered because it’s a unique variant on the real word.

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