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We Solve 3 Client Needs

31 Jul 2013

There are hundreds of branding firms in the world. And, probably thousands of firms if you include advertising agencies, PR firms and even social media experts.

These days, pretty much any marketing-led agency will feel that they are ‘brand builders’ and custodians of your brand.

As a client, it’s probably hard to tell exactly what agencies do sometimes, and where their true expertise lie. Oftentimes, agencies say they can pretty much do anything and will hire consultants, freelancers and form temporary JVs with other firms to bootstrap a team to respond to a client’s challenge or RFP.

At WANT Branding, we know what we’re good at and what we’re not qualified to do.
And, we’re never shy about referring a client to another firm if the challenge is beyond our reach.

Once we’ve established that your challenge falls into one of these three categories, we’ll then listen and understand what other specific elements need to be solved.

After all, as someone once said, a problem well defined, is a problem half solved.




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