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When Good Is Great

13 Sep 2013

Branding is often talked about in terms of superlatives.

Conventional wisdom almost stipulates that brands must be unique, amazing, out-of-this-world, extraordinary, in order to be different enough from competitors and to yield business success, profits and growth.

But, yet, there are tons of brands which in my opinion are merely ‘good’ – not extraordinary – which have created a different proposition.

Chipotle makes good Mexican food, Starbucks makes good coffee, IKEA makes good furniture, Ford makes good cars.

What makes these brands effective is really three things: 1. execution (how the brand is implemented across touchpoints), 2. consistency (of message across all touchpoints) and 3. control (overall management of the brand across all the touchpoints).

Sometimes, just being good is enough, but to create extraordinary success requires a dedicated, united branding and marketing team to deliver on the three elements above.

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