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Why Hire A Naming Agency?

15 Apr 2013

Naming a product, service or company can be one of the most challenging tasks in marketing.

Difficulty generating creative idea, the inherent subjectivity of naming, layers of stakeholders and decision-makers, and finding ideas that are legally available represent some of the obstacles to finding a name.

That’s where an agency can help. Here’s 5 reasons why clients work with us:


1. A process designed to find the answer

With 23 years experience, we’ve perfected our process. First we create the NamingBlueprint – a strategic tool to determine name types, naming territories to explore and important criteria. We then complete two rounds of name candidates while simultaneously checking ideas for legal conflicts. All this is done in 4-6 weeks.


2. A rich, trove of creative ideas

Our creative writers work together to generate hundreds of name candidates. We can also mine our NameBank, which contains thousands of ideas from our two decades of experience, to find strategically suitable candidates.


3. Balance of leadership and collaboration

We foster a collaborative spirit with client teams and exhibit the right amount of leadership and direction once names are created and presented to help clients find the perfect name


4. Intensity & focus

Unlike other agencies who aim to grow as big as possible and sell as many projects as they can, we only work on a limited number of projects.
That means you get a dedicated team working on your assignment. The result? Better names and more satisfied clients.


5. Value

Most firms don’t earmark fees for Naming. It’s something that they expect to be able to do internally without cost.
Our pledge to you is value. Look at our success stories and names we’ve created. We’d certainly wager that the value of the names we create far surpass the cost/investment for our fees.

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