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Winning The Bid: Rational vs. Emotional

11 Jul 2012

As a big sports fan and someone who has a huge competitive streak, I’m always fascinated with the bid process when countries or cities compete to win the right to host the World Cup or Olympics.

The pitch process is a massive undertaking, requires vast bidding teams to coordinate and costs millions of dollars to execute.

The work begins years in advance of the final moment when the envelope is opened and the winner is revealed.

Of course, politics, personal connections and in some cases, unmarked brown envelopes stuffed with cash play a role…

Yet, bidding process tends to follow a familiar pattern: pitches tend to be more rational during the early stages of the bid process.
Countries or cities focus on their stadia, facilities, transport, infrastructure, number of hotels, etc.
in other words, the message is this: we are capabile of hosting the games (or the tournament).

But, as the process gets towards the day of voting, the pitches become more emotional especially during the final presentations and videos.
Why? that’s because fundamentally, there are no rational differences in the bids.

In the final weeks of bidding, often with several nations or cities still in the running have proven themselves as capable of running a successful event.
And, decision-making executive committee members are well aware of this.

Consumers will always say that they buy rationally. They believe Apple makes a better tablet than it’s competitors because it has a higher resolution screen or because iTunes makes it easier for them to buy the Adele album.
The BMW driver says she bought the car because it handles corners better than an Acura or Mercedes or has a better dashboard configuration.

But here’s the thing: the emotional truths plays an equally significant role.

What’s your brand’s emotional truth?

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