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Background & Challenge:

CityCenter in Las Vegas is a 16 million sq. foot mixed-use urban complex on 76 acres in Las Vegas. With a total cost of approximately $9.2 billion, CityCenter is the largest privately financed development in the United States.

MGM needed a name for a new 4 million sq. ft., 4000 room luxury hotel/casino on the CityCenter and despite considering 10,000 name ideas they couldn’t find the perfect candidate.


We immersed ourselves in the detailed plans for the hotel/casino and both evaluated the vast trove of ideas that had been created as well as creating new original ideas. One of our initial ideas was Civé (pronounced Si-vay’) designed as an abstraction of CityCenter but we eventually aligned around the name Aria – the term for an operatic solo. The name conveyed an aspirational quality through it’s connection to opera, and also implied a property that could bring happiness and joy on your definition on luxury: yours.


Aria is not only the crown jewel of the CityCenter development but one of the most successful hotel/casinos on the Las Vegas strip

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