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Background & Challenge:

Dell Computer is one of the world’s greatest business success stories. At the age of 19, Michael Dell created PC’s Limited with $1,000 and a game-changing vision for the technology industry.

In four short years, Dell went public, raising $30 million and increasing market capitalization from $1,000 to $85 million.

In 1997, Dell sought to expand its portable PC line up with a new laptop to sit alongside its ‘Latitude’ brand.


We were hired to create the name for Dell's new popular and enduring line of laptop computers, the 'Inspiron'. The name was derived from the word 'inspire' for the ability to do something creative. Due to the high volume of trademarks in the tech industry, we recommended the invented name ‘Inspiron’.


Released in 2000, the Dell Inspiron 2100 was a lightweight laptop that Dell branded as "Ultra-Thin & Light" and "Ultra-Mobile." Its starting price was $1,699. The Inspiron has helped Dell become the #3 global seller of laptops and PCs.

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