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Background & Challenge:

Based in Silicon Valley, Intuitive Surgical is a trailblazer in the field of robotic surgery, inventing and building groundbreaking surgical systems that make feasible procedures that would otherwise be impossible. As the company continued innovating and creating new robots, and new instruments and accessories for each of those robots, they ended up with a product category of over 300 SKUs, some of which had branded names, some descriptive and others legacy names from acquisitions or that had already existed in the field—a system that proved extremely difficult to maintain, organize or communicate.


In 2016, we began working with Intuitive to help create names for new flagship products, but also to align their product portfolio and hierarchy in a cohesive way so that products could be more easily named, organized and codified.


In addition to creating the names for Intuitive’s latest generation of renowned Da Vinci system (the Da Vinci Xi, X and SP), we also named several new flagship products, including ION, the first-ever deep lung biopsy system and SmartFire, the technology used in the world’s first fully wristed, 60mm surgical stapler. Furthermore, we helped simplify Intuitive’s product portfolio, consisting of over 300 unique product and accessory offerings. We’ve also created an intricate naming decision-making tool, to help guide future naming endeavours to prevent another situation where product names and classifications become more of a hindrance than a help.

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